S 1840 PE, 2500/5000 Low Mag Air Column Gauge

ManufacturerMahr Federal

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S 1840 PE, 2500/5000 Low Mag Air Column Gauge


Assess and judge measuring results at a glance – nothing is easier than that with the Millimar S1840 column amplifier.

The Millimar S 1840 column amplifier offers a broad range of functions for combining the signals from both static and dynamic measurements.

Measuring results are indicated by way of 101 three-color LEDs. When the programmable warning and tolerance limits are exceeded, the LEDs change their color from green to yellow or red, accordingly — high visibility from any distance.


Three-color illuminated bar graph with analog warning and tolerance limit display

Two-line backlit LCD for indicating measured values, help texts, and measuring units

Up to two characteristics can be displayed simultaneously


Single input

RS 232 interface

Analog output

Three digital inputs for measuring start, master measurement, etc.

Three digital outputs for Accept – Reject – Rework classification, measuring time, etc.


Static measurements: ± A, ± B, and all combinations

Dynamic measurements: Max, Min, Max-Min, Max+Min, mean

Windows® software for configuring the LED display The Millimar S 1840 column amplifier can be programmed either menu-guided via the integrated membrane keypad or with the provided MS Windows® configuration software.

Single Master or Dual Mastrer setup

Password lockout in Setup Mode