MACH-3A 653 Series 360 In-line Type CNC CMM



MACH-3A, 653 Series 360 In-line Type CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine


In-line type CNC CMM (Horizontal type) incorporating the CMM controller and the host computer in the main unit results in a compact spacing saving footprint for the shop floor. This series is designed for 24 hour operation resulting in stable operation and remarkable durability. 

Model No:       MACH-3A 653

Order No:       360-412

Type:              Horizontal Arm High Speed, In-line  

Range:             X-axis     23.62" / (600mm)

                          Y-axis     19.68" / (500mm)

                          Z-axis     11.02" / (280mm)

Resolution:        0.0000039" (0.0001mm)

Guide Method:   Mechanical bearing on each axis

Maximum Drive Speed 3D:    47.71”/s / (1,212mm/s)

Maximum Acceleration 3D:     1.21G  / (11,882mm/s2)

Mass                  3306lbs / (1500kg)

Dimensions      73.62x / 50.39x / 75.59in   (1870x1280x1920mm)


NOTE:   MITUTOYO GOLD CARE PROMO included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, please contact our Sales Representative.

WARRANTY:  One Year from the date of installation.

Contact Houston Precision, Inc. at (713) 943-1155 for annual on-site recalibration service.