Mitutoyo - M574 Manual Crysta-Plus CMM



Crysta-Plus M574 Series 196-Manual-Floating Type CMM

Series 196
Manual floating type CMMs developed in quest for high-accuracy, low-cost and easy operation. The Crysta-Plus M is suitable to
measure a wide range of applications from a simple dimension to complex form. The scale systems on Mitutoyo high-precision models utilizes a high-performance linear encoder (manufactured by Mitutoyo), for detecting axis position. In addition, various
technologies have been utilized in the structure, part processing, and assembly to provide high accuracy measurement.
The Crysta-Plus M700 series has a large main unit, and is equipped with a mobile clamp so that onetouch clamping on each axis can be performed by hand. Continuous fine feed over the entire measuring range can be performed.

  • Smooth operation utilizing high-precision air bearings and lightweight moving members.
  • Continuous fine feed over the entire measuring range.
  • One-touch air clamp for each axis.

Order No.           196-495-55

Model No:           M574 Crysta-Plus

Bridge Type:      Standard, Manual

X-axis Range:    19.69in / 500mm

Y-axis Range:    27.56in / 700mm

Z-axis Range:    15.74in / 400mm

Resolution:        0.000019in / 0.0005mm

Work Table Material:   Black Granite

Work table Size:   30.07x46.25in / 764x1175mm

Tapped insert:       M8x1.25mm

Workpiece Height:    23.22in / 590mm

Workpiece load:       396lbs / 180kg

Mass (stand included):   1424lbs / 646kg

Dimension:                56.45x47.44x89.25in / 1434x1205x2267mm

Air Supply:   Pressure:   50.7 PSI (0.35MPa)

                Consumption:   1.76CFM (50L/min)

                            Source:    3.53CFM 

NOTE:   MITUTOYO GOLD CARE PROMO included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, please contact our Sales Representative.

WARRANTY:  One Year from the date of installation.