MIC-360, In-Process Diameter Measurement Gage

ManufacturerGagemaker LP

Sales price $24,829.00


The ALL NEW MIC 360™ Diameter Measurement Gage is an in-process gaging system that measures any large diameter from 5” to virtually any diameter you can manufacture!

  It doesn’t require a standard… one person can easily operate…measurements are captured electronically…it repeats with extremely high accuracy…and this is all done with just ONE tool!


• Measure Large Diameters 5”& Up, ID & OD

• Repeats within ±.0001” (±2.540000µ)

• Measure Multiple Diameters on One Part

• Inspect Grooves

• Wireless Data Collection

The MIC 360 Gage measures any diameter from as little as a few inches to virtually any diameter you can machine!

The versatility of the MIC 360 allows mounting on a vertical or horizontal lathe, ID and OD grinders, or any other machine or tooling fixture that rotates a part.  

It’s all done IN-PROCESS at a push of a button, you never have to stop the spindle to measure and all measurements are recorded electronically!


• Promote Safe Working Environment – No Operator Risk

• Measure Without Stopping the Spindle

• Cut Down Measurement Cycle Times

• Inspect Parts Multiple Times Quickly in the Machine

• Requires Only One Operator and One Gage

• Eliminate Need for Gage Assembly or Setting Masters

• Reduce Gage Management Time and Effort

• Auto-capture and Store Readings Electronically

• Update Tool Settings Quickly

• Minimize Idle Time