MRP-AIR-2003-10, Ext./Int. Crest Diameter Gage, 10 reach

ManufacturerGagemaker LP

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GAGEMAKER                     ***  NEW 2017 ITEM  ***      

Crest Diameter and Ovality Gages – MRP® AIR Carbon Fiber

MRP-AIR-2003-10, External/Internal Crest Diameter Gage, 10" reach, with Carbon Fiber Rods.

NEW !!  Light Weight Construction for inspector/operator ease of use.

Diameter Range:   2-3/8" - 20"

Reach:          10"

Crest Shoes:  standard MRP-625E shoes provided

Indicator:      .500",  .001" reading

This MRP® series of gages detect variations in crest diameter (or pitch diameter) by the use of a gage shoe that rests on the crest of the threads.

Variation in diameter is detected by the indicator readout.

All of these gages are API approved for use on tubing connections sized 1” – 4½” and casing connections sized 2⅜” – 20”.

Warranty:  One Year from the date of purchase

Long Form Calibration Report at extra charge from Houston Precision, Inc. at a 50% discount with new purchase.