Allen Gauge - 5554-C, Replacement Indicator - Internal Taper Gauge

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#5554-C, Replacement Indicator for Internal Taper Gauge, NEW SURPLUS INVENTORY  (28 PCS.)

Gauge Type:   Internal Taper Gauge
Size Range:    4-1/2″ Thread Diameters
Dial Type:       0-100 reading, Counter-Clockwise
Graduation:    0.001"
Dial Travel:     1/2″

Description:  The 5554-C is the Internal Taper Gauge without the extension rods that comes with the standard 5554. This gauge has a range of 41/2″ Internal Diameter, however this indicator can be used with the rods of other 5554 that your company may have in your possession. The 5554-C is intended to be a replacement indicator for the 5554 series Taper Gauges, or a second gauge that you can share the rods with your other 5554s. The gauge is equipped with only the basic accessories, which include the thumb lever and 1/16″ Ball Point Adapter.

The dial indicators have a travel of either 1/2″ or 1″, graduated in 0.001″ increments, with a required API accuracy of 0.001″ over their entire range. The metric dial has graduations of 0.01mm and complete compliance to API specifications through the 25mm range. It also accepts the complete range of Allen Contact Points.

All taper gauges are furnished with a certificate of compliance to API specifications.


Warranty:  One Year from the date of purchase

Long Form Calibration Report at extra charge from Houston Precision, Inc. at a 50% discount with new purchase.