Pocket Surf IV Portable Surface Roughness Gage

ManufacturerMahr Federal

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Mahr Federal

Pocket Surf IV Portable Surface Roughness Gauge

A pocket-sized economically priced, completely portable instrument which performs traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide variety of surfaces; can be used confidently in production, on the shop floor and in the laboratory.


  • Solidly built, with a durable cast aluminum housing, to provide years of accurate, reliable surface finish gaging
  • Can be used to measure any one of four, switch selectable, parameters:
    Ra - Average roughness
    Rmax/Ry - Max/Min Roughness Depth (DiN)
  • Then review any of the parameters after the measurement is complete
  • Selectable traverse length 1, 3 or 5 cut-offs of 0.8 mm/0.030"
  • Operates in any position - horizontal, vertical, and upside down
  • Four switchable probe positions - axial (folded) or at 90°, 180° or 270°
  • Even difficult-to-reach surfaces such as inside and outside diameters are accessible
  • MarConnect data output for easy SPC-processing that is compatible with the most com-mon data processing systems
  • Easy-to-read LCD readout pre-sents the measured roughness value, in microinches or micro-meters, within half a second after the surface is traversed.
  • Out-of-range (high or low) and "battery low" signals are also displayed
  • Improved digital calibration pro-cess eliminate screwdrivers and potentiometers to simplify and enhance the calibration process
  • Improved battery life with easy to replace standard 9V battery
  • Built in digital output.
  • Supplied with general purpose probe. For most surface roughness applications. Has a 90° conical diamond stylus.

# 2236687 - Adjustable Height Stand with Swivel

A compact, convenient fixture with an adjustable bracket to hold the Pocket Surf, anywhere within a 360° rotation, for making measurements on a surface plate or on any suitable, flat working surface.

# EAS-2496 - Height Stand

A compact, convenient fixture with a bracket to hold the Pocket Surf gage. Designed for making measurements on a granite surface plate or on any suitable, flat working surface to a maximum height of about 111mm/4.375".

# EAS-3048 - Mounting Bracket Swivel Fixture

For mounting the Pocket Surf to most standard height gages.

The bracket includes a rectangular bar that is 11.5 mm x 6.35 mm (0.45" x 0.25") to fit the holder of the height gage. A swivel feature is included to permit the Pocket Surf to be set anywhere within a 360° rotation.

# EGH-1020 - Transverse Chisel Probe

For gaging sharp edges or small O.D.'s where probe is aligned with (in 180° or closed position) to axis of traverse. 90° sapphire chisel, 10 μm./ .0004" radius.

# EGH-1021 - Small Bore Probe

For gaging small bores (3,2 mm/ .125" minimum I.D.) up to a depth of 19 mm/ .75".

With a 90° conical diamond stylus, 10 μm/ .0004" radius.

# EGH-1028 - Groove Bottom Probe

For measuring the bottom of grooves, recesses and small holes to depths of 6.35 mm/ .25"

Also used for short lands and shoulders. With 90° conical diamond stylus, 10 μm/ .0004" radius.

NOTE: Small Bore and Groove Bottom Probes can only be used in 180° position with the Pocket Surf unit supported in a height stand or other fixture.