RJAG Wickander Gauge, 7-5/8 to 22 Tool Joint Diameter


RJAG "Wickander" Gauge for 7-5/8" to 22" Tool Joint Diameters

Tool Joint to Drill Pipe Alignment has always been an important factor to drill pipe users.

Poor angular alignment causes rapid eccentric wear of the tool joint outside diameter and increases the stress at the upset to pipe body transition.

The RJAG measures the tool joint to drill pipe alignment. Utilizing a rigid parallelogram, with ball bearing pivots at each corner, and a dial indicator between the horizontal arms,

to measure the parallel movement between the tool joint outside diameter and the pipe body outside diameter. Defining the parallel misalignment with a direct reading in inches.

Each long parallel arm of this parallelogram is in contact with a different component's outside diameter.

The arm in contact with the drill pipe is a typical saddle configuration with two ball bearings for each saddle, establishing the centerline of the pipe.

The other arm incorporates a pivoted linear wobble plate, with a ball bearing pivot point, to follow the angular movement of the tool joint outside diameter.

This angular movement is measured, with a dial indicator located one inch from the pivot point, and provides a direct reading of the angular misalignment in inches per inch.

The RJAG is designed to be a very flexible and durable measuring instrument.






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